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Community Engagement

Lakeshore School Division is an integral part of each of the areas that we serve. Education is fundamentally an interconnected activity and we rely on other others and also extend our resources and expertise to the community.

Work experience

The ability for students to get hands-on work experience is an important part of becoming prepared for the workforce. Through community partnerships and cooperating employers, we are able to provide experiences for our youth that go beyond the walls of the classroom. These experiences can include both paid and unpaid internships. If you are interested in hosting a student please contact your local school to discuss options.

Community use of schools

Lakeshore School Division views our buildings as community assets that should be open for use to individuals and organizations. There is often either minimal or no costs charged for use of our buildings. Please contact your local school for more information on our process for booking and regulations.

Internet access

Over the past number of years, Lakeshore School Division has partnered with a number of organizations to create network infrastructure in our region. We continue to share communication towers and other hardware to provide economical internet to residents in our region. We also provide free internet usage for students in all of our schools.

Early Childcare

A number of schools in Lakeshore partner with Early Childhood Education providers to create a space attached to the main school. These partnerships are instrumental in creating community hubs and continuity of care as children move through their developmental stages.

Fieldstone Ventures, Adult Education  

Based out of Ashern, Fieldstone Ventures facilitates a number of adult education programs, such as Mature Student Diplomas and various course offerings. Fieldstone Ventures exists as a separate entity, but Lakeshore School Division partners with Fieldstone to provide staffing and accounting services.

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