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Indigenous Ways of Knowing at Eriksdale School

Eriksdale School is proud to embed Indigenous ways of knowing into our everyday life. In our school, this looks like:

  • Artwork including traditional bracelet beading and weaving, dreamcatchers, and Haida art
  • Incorporating traditional Inuit games in a full outdoor unit
  • Oral storytelling and books that feature Indigenous life and characters (as well as characters from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds)
  • Listening to various types of music and learning to play the spoons
  • Discussions around diversity and respect for all
  • Guest presenters sharing their knowledge and perspectives such as Murray Gillespie and Tipi Joe 
  • Participation in Orange Shirt Day in September
  • Field trips to Oak Hammock Marsh and Festival du Voyageur
  • Lessons about the Seven Teachings and how they relate to the roles and responsibilities of belonging to a community
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