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Technology and Information Systems

Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. –Chinese Proverb

The education landscape is continually shifting beneath our feet and perhaps nowhere is this more noticeable than in the way we integrate technology into the classroom. Its role has evolved from taking kids down to a computer lab for "computer class" into a versatile learning tool that can change how they learn concepts, complete projects and how we assess their progress. It is no longer a question of if we should incorporate technology into the classroom. Technology is helping teachers engage students by expanding beyond linear, text-based learning. Students can become global citizens through communication with other students from around the globe. Without doubt, if we are serious about universal design for learning that can help all learn optimally then we must use technology as a classroom tool.

Lakeshore School Division's Technology and Information Systems department is continually seeking ways to provide the necessary tools and training to teachers to help them inspire all learners to be successful. More than just computers, servers, printers and laptops, we seek to provide an atmosphere of creativity and discovery. Education drives the technology and in turn, the technology inspires education.

Lakeshore has advanced its technology in the last year in several ways. This past summer saw the completion of a datacentre refresh project replacing Lakeshore's aged server hardware and software. Additionally major speed and reliability upgrades are being made to our wireless data network, which is one of the largest among the provincial school divisions. This summer will see a hardware refresh project to replace all workstations, along with teacher and student laptops. These upgrades will allow greater flexibility in the types of equipment we can support giving teachers and students alike the freedom to use what works for them. At the same time, saving the Division money that can be reinvested to where it is needed most —the classroom.

Earlier in the year saw added video conferencing systems that allow Lakeshore to offer greater course selection and give students an interactive alternative to WebCT. Teachers are able to use these systems also, to collaborate with those normally too far away to allow face-to-face communication, saving time and travel costs. We continue to have great success with connecting Broad Valley Colony and Marble Ridge Colony schools to teachers delivering customized instruction from Portage La Prairie by way of video conferencing. Spontaneous collaborating is an everyday occurrence as staff has access to instant messaging, audio and video chat on every computer.

Lakeshore supplies teachers with laptops, which they may take home and use as they see fit. Wireless network access is available promoting mobility, and mobile netbook carts are on hand for student use. Embracing YouTube is enhancing learning and game based learning projects have seen good success.

As we continue boldly moving forward let us not allow fear of change to limit the potential of our students but rather let us embrace what technology can do to motivate students to become all that they can be.

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