Superintendent Message - Lakeshore School Division

Superintendent Message

Janet Martel

Welcome back and all the best to the Lakeshore School Division community during the 2017-18 school year!

On behalf of the Lakeshore School Division and the Board of Trustees, I would like to welcome you to our school division. Lakeshore School Division is a small division that offers a wide variety of programs and services while maintaining a caring, supportive and safe environment.  Our Vision and Mission  defines us as an inspired community of learners who put students first, always. 

As Superintendent, I am committed to working with students, parents, staff, Board and our communities to provide quality learning experiences for all.

The Lakeshore Learning Vision along with our North Star for Learning is our collective commitment to continue to develop our skills provide the students in Lakeshore with the knowledge and attitudes necessary to be responsible and successful. We know that students who graduate today will likely change careers 4-5 times and work in jobs that do not currently exist. Students require:

  • Skills in literacy and numeracy that include: comprehension, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Deep thinking about a subject and the ability to shift from having knowledge to the application of knowledge in diverse settings.
  • Skills to be lifelong learners who can adapt to ever-changing environments by being articulate and creative in their thinking and approaches.
  • An understanding that failure is a part of the process of learning and they can continue to learn from their mistakes.
  • The disposition to be a good citizen and a good neighbour.

Please check this website regularly for announcements, special events, information on programs and feedback on our progress. We value your interest and your support.

Janet Martell