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Inwood School

Inwood School is dedicated to maintaining a strong academic focus in a safe, orderly environment fostering personal and social growth; and, forging collaborative partnerships to support innovative delivery of programs.

About Our School

Inwood School is located in the community of Inwood and has a current enrollment of 105 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, with a professional staff of 9.  Within the professional staff, Inwood School provides resource and counseling.  Support staff includes 4.5 educational assistants, a secretary/librarian, head custodian and a part-time cleaner.  In addition to the staff, Inwood School has a parent advisory council that helps with fundraising, and organization of a spring swim program for students K-6.

Inwood School moved into a brand new building in September 2007 and it is 11,000 square feet larger than the old building.  While many schools may seem impersonal, Inwood School's size allows the students and staff to know each other in a manner more as a family than an institution.  New students are welcomed and quickly become an integral part of the school community.

Inwood School's makeup consists of a Kindergarten to Grade 2 class (Kindergarten attending every other day), and the following  Multi-age groupings: Grade 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.  The senior years are divided into 3 classes to accommodate the senior students (groupings arranged due to subjects).

While some may suggest that small schools are a thing of the past, not only are the core subjects taught, but we are able to offer options such as technology courses (photography, 2D animation, web design), various WebCT options, drama, and technical writing for senior students.  We also facilitate the High School Apprenticeship Option through Apprenticeship Manitoba for some Grade 11 and 12 students.  The school environment is a quiet, well organized one that supports all learners.  Our student population truly enjoy coming to school.  We feel the variety of extracurricular opportunities (sports teams, student council, charity work, ski-trip, Europe trip) allow our students an opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience while getting a true sense of community at our school.

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What's Happening

Calendars and Newsletters

For those interested, a copy of the school calendar of events is available for download:

Parent Advisory Council

It is important to establish relationships with parents of the children and youth in our schools. Parents in our communities are invited to establish parent and school/community partnerships to support schools in the shared responsibility of the education of our youth.

We hope that by being involved with the schools, and providing a voice, that parents will feel more information and better able to support decisions made.

For further information regarding Parent Councils in the Inwood area please contact:

President - Michelle Hazelton - 204-278-3289

Vice-President - Val Sherred - 204-278-3395

Secretary - Lori Mott - 204-278-3418

Treasurer - Rhonda Nichols - 204-278-3666

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Inwood School

P.O. Box 220 Inwood, MB

R0C 1P0

Tel: (204) 278-3347

Fax: (204) 278-3208

Principal: Mr. Leonard Metro
Vice-Principal: Mr. Toshi Kupchak