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The educational community of Fisher Branch Collegiate, in partnership, will work to foster educational and social opportunities for students to develop as active participants in the ever changing global society.

About Our School

Fisher Branch is a community school with supportive parents and hardworking school staff who strive to ensure the success of all students in their care.  We have been able to maintain a full academic program as well as optional subjects of industrial arts, home economics, art and dramatic arts.  We use video conferencing and web based distance education courses to supplement optional subjects for our students.  If we don’t offer a course, students can purchase through the independent study options.  We are actively encouraging students to participate in courses at high school that provide internships and work options such as Career and Technology courses and High School Apprenticeships.  More students are participating each year and learning valuable employment skills working outside of the school.

Fisher Branch Collegiate contains both middle years and senior years wings. Having the two schools under one roof goes a long way to ensuring successful links between the two and their students. Middle and senior years students have separate learning facilities but share common areas of computer labs, library and gymnasium.  Grade 7 and 8 students share the industrial arts and home economics rooms as well.  We have separate student handbooks for each of the two sides.

Teachers and students are enjoying being able to incorporate new technology in their classrooms.  We still maintain two 2 separate computer labs, each with 14 stations. There is one set of 20 laptops on a mobile cart for teachers and students to sign out as well as another mobile cart with 20 iPads.  Each teacher also has a laptop for their use. We have wireless access for all school equipment but we also have internet access for those who want to bring their own device to use at school. Technology is a regular choice within the classrooms at FBC.

We are very fortunate to have students who believe in the importance of being active.  Through the Tell Them From Me Surveys that our school participates in we rank much higher than similar schools across Canada for the active participation.  We offer a wide range of sports – both intramural and competitive – from grade 5- 12.  It is through the support of staff and community volunteers that we are still able to maintain our participation.

It is important to establish relationships with parents of the children and youth in our schools. Parents in our communities are invited to establish parent and school/community partnerships to support schools in the shared responsibility of the education of our youth.  At the present time we do not have an active parent council in our area.  If parents would like to establish one, there is information available to support setting one up.  Feel free to contact the principal to receive the information.

We hope that by being involved with the schools, and providing a voice, that parents will feel more information and better able to support decisions made.

Download the 2015-2016 Code of Conduct Brochure


What's Happening


Little Dresses for Africa

Changing lives one little dress at a time...

Our Family Studies class decided as a group that we wanted to make a difference, so we chose the pillowcase dress project. These simple dresses are made out of pillow cases (or a fabric of your choice) and distributed through orphanages churches, and schools in Africa to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy. This project was founded by Rachel O'Neill who knew the history of the girls in Africa and the difficult road that lay ahead of them. This pillowcase pattern has been around since pioneer days and is an easy pattern for the notice sewer. To date this organzation has received well over 2 million little dresses to donate. That's a lot of little girls!

"We're not just sending dresses, we're sending HOPE!"

Made for a Good Cause

The Family Studies class at FBC made approx. 30 pillowcases to donate to the Children’s Hospital at the Health Sciences center.  As a group, we chose to participate in the 1 million pillowcase challenge in Manitoba.  The goal is not just about reaching a number, it is about making a difference within the community in which they are donated.  Pillowcases are donated as symbols of comfort, hope and encouragement.  Bright cheerful pillowcases can provide comfort for a cancer patient, hope for a child, encouragement for a battered woman or beauty for a nursing home resident.  The students hope that the children receiving their pillowcases, will bring a smile on their face, enjoy the vibrant colors that we chose, and find comfort and encouragement from them.


Congratulations to our high school students and teacher, Mr. Matt Colpitts on being chosen as the Manitoba winner for a National Social Media Video contest.  Earlier in the year, Mr. Colpitts and his drama classes received a $2000 grant from Safe Work Manitoba to be used to support safe work education.  His classes used the grant to produce their video.  They will be receiving $1000 as the recipient from Manitoba and have now been entered into the National contest sponsored by the Canadian Association of Administrators of Labor Legislation.  This will provide them the opportunity to be recognized nationally as well as the possibility of winning $2000 for the school as well as another $2000 for themselves. 

We would like to say congratulations and wish them well in the National competition. 

To view their video please go to the link below:

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Fisher Branch Collegiate invites students, parents and community to look over our 2017/2018 School Plan – a work in progress. We use school results and survey data in addition to staff input to determine 2 or 3 areas of focus for the school year. This is a working document and we would love to get your feedback on whether it makes sense. Please contact either Principal Greg Thomas ( ) or Vice Principal Angela Magon ( ) with your questions and comments.

 School Plan 2017-2018

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