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Ashern Central School

Learning, Growing and Leading Together

About Our School

Ashern Central School is a grades 5 – 12 regional school providing educational services to students from several communities. Our current enrollment is approximately 220 students with 60 in middle years and 160 in senior years.

Our staff this year consists of 19 teaching staff, 11 educational assistants, secretaries, a librarian, custodial staff and bus drivers.

Ashern Central School offers a full range of core academic courses, as well as optional courses in woodworking, food and nutrition, business education and ICT, music, science and the social sciences, French, career and technology studies (CTS), the high school apprenticeship program (HSAP), and an automotive technology program with state of the art equipment within our facility.

Our learning support and guidance programs ensure that all of our students receive the most suitable programming available, and follow the best path to graduation and their own personal career and life choices.

We are proud of our school's multicultural nature, and the respect and tolerance developed by working, learning, and growing together. We may come from different homes and backgrounds, and have different strengths and talents, but we are all members of the Ashern Central School community.

Lakeshore School Division has engaged on a process of “Reimagining Education”.  At ACS, we are reexamining everything we do, students and staff, and asking ourselves whether there is a better way for our students to learn and to grow as people. 

With our students and their families as full partners, we will work to help develop:

  • a stronger sense of self-efficacy for staff, students and their families.  This will not only enhance student learning, but will help us to live more positive, self-directed lives.
  • the ability to form effective and mutually beneficial relationships with peers, and between staff, students and their families.

We’re excited to be a part of this Reimagining Education initiative, and look forward to everyone’s feedback and input as we continue to move forward.

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Download the Middle Years Electronic Device Policy

What's Happening

Ashern Students Survive!

Students enrolled in Ashern Central School's Topics in Science Program lucked out weather wise during their two night stay at Lake St. George cadet cabin January 16 to 18. The images show some of the events that were part of an extensive survival activity. The program has a survival and nature based theme and is taught outdoors.

Bulletin Info

For those interested, a copy of the school newsletter is available for download:

For those interested, a copy of the school calendar of events is available for download:

This is a link to the Community Report for 2016-2017:

Parent Advisory Council

It is important to establish relationships with parents of the children and youth in our schools. Parents in our communities are invited to establish parent and school/community partnerships to support schools in the shared responsibility of the education of our youth.

We hope that by being involved with the schools, and providing a voice, that parents will feel more information and better able to support decisions made.

For further information regarding Parent Councils for Ashern Central School please contact:

Linda Meads

Work Tel: (204) 768-2667
Home Tel: (204) 768-3188

Christa Dreger

Work Tel: (204) 768-2835
Home Tel: (204) 449-2281


Ashern Central School

P.O. Box 1200
Ashern, MB
R0C 0E0

Tel: 204-768-2571
Fax: 204-768-2879

Principal: Ms. Darlene Willetts
Vice Principal: Ms. Memory Halldorson