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Alf Cuthbert School

The Alf Cuthbert School community commits itself to providing a quality educational program in a safe, caring, and respectful environment so that each student, through positive participation, can excel to the best of his/her ability, in our ever-changing global society.

About Our School

Alf Cuthbert School's team crest is that of the swift, keen sighted and quietly observant Falcon. "Soaring with an eye to the future", is the phrase that well describes our small but highly active school. The warm and friendly atmosphere created by dedicated and committed staff, students, and community lends itself to a positive learning environment where risk-taking and celebration are daily occurrences.

Our enrollment is approximately 90 students with all classes being double-graded other than Kindergarten. We have a staff that includes 6 teachers and 7 support personnel. While the core curriculum is the academic emphasis it is delivered through a variety of strategies that have been openly adopted by staff through a shared collegial approach.

Even though our school is considered small there is no lack of extra-curricular and leadership opportunities for students. The dedicated staff leads and also facilitates student programs. We provide an array of sports and cultural undertakings with the expectation that students participating also give back to the school and community through volunteer activities. Development of the whole child is a goal of Alf Cuthbert School. The school staff is highly cognizant of this and it is demonstrated daily through classroom and whole school activities that focus on social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

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What's Happening

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Alf Cuthbert School

P.O. Box 220
Moosehorn, MB
R0C 2E0 

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Principal: Mrs. Alann Fraser