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Operations & Infrastructure


The transportation system relies on students, parents, local governments and the motoring public to help provide a safe trip for our students each and every day.

Lakeshore School Division transports approximately 830 students daily to eight schools throughout the school division.  The transportation system consists of 31 bus regular routes and four intercampus routes for a combined distance of approximately 5400 km daily. The average age of the fleet is 8.0 years.  The school bus drivers and mechanics are an integral part of the education system; they are tasked to operate and maintain the school buses in a manner that promotes safety while ensuring efficient use of the equipment.  Each school bus driver is trained to Provincial standards receiving annual in-servicing on subjects ranging from defensive driving, first aid, student management as well as operation and procedural policies. The mechanics are journeymen and receive annual training on school bus maintenance. Periodic evaluations are conducted to ensure compliance with policies, regulations and training.

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The facilities operated by the school division consist of eight public schools, two school bus garages and a school division office. There are two Hutterian schools in the north east part of the school division which are maintained by their respective colonies. Child daycare space is rented out at two schools under separate contracts. The age of the public facilities range from 1958 to 2007 construction and comprise approximately 240,000 square feet. Most of the schools have been constructed in stages that reflected the increased enrollments experienced in the early 70s. Through applications made by the School Division, provincial funding may be received to upgrade systems and enhance the service life of the facilities.  The school board annually allocates funds to repair, rebuild or improve upon facilities. Energy efficient lighting was installed throughout the facilities over an eight year period in the 1990s. CO2 sensors have been installed on major ventilation systems to improve the air quality in classrooms. Systems have been put in place to enhance the security of each school.

The schools are cleaned and maintained by a dedicated maintenance staff who perform the day to day cleaning and maintenance of the buildings, building systems and grounds.  There is a shared agreement with a neighbouring school division that provides tradesmen to perform some tasks; local and distant contractors are hired for larger projects.


Safe work procedures are developed for the various tasks involved in maintenance, cleaning and educational functions. All staff and students are required to follow safe procedures when performing tasks where there is an element of risk. The School Division employs a safety and facility maintenance supervisor that is responsible for ensuring all staff are trained to safely conduct their day to day duties. Periodic training, review of regulations and compliance are conducted with staff as required.

The School Division has embraced the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products as part of its culture.  Chemical-free water treatment is used in schools where water is drawn from on-site wells.

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Mark Parkes
Director, Operations and Infrastructure

Lakeshore School Division
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Phone: 204-739-2101 ext. 1227
Email: parkesm@lakeshoresd.mb.ca