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ICT Initiatives

What is ICT?

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) include any of the various types of media that may be used to communicate information. This list might include things like computers, laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, scanners, cell phones, global positioning systems, interactive whiteboards, the internet, etc.  Schools in Lakeshore are well-equipped with many types of ICT's in the classrooms and we continue to look at new technologies and how they may benefit Lakeshore students and staff.

What is Literacy with ICT?

Literacy with ICT (LWICT) is about students and teachers using the ICT's to communicate information. It involves understanding that students not only need to have ICT literacy (the ability to demonstrate skills with ICT) but must also be able to think critically and creatively about how ICT's will support their communications. It also involves thinking about technology globally and the responsibility and ethics that come in to play with having information access.

The three components of LWICT —critical and creative thinking, ethics and responsibility, and ICT literacy —are linked together. Although developing skills in ICT is important, it is crucial that there is an understanding about the responsibility of using technology appropriately.

Lakeshore School Division Kindergarten to Grade 8 teachers have been supported with LWICT through professional development and through the use of Peer Coaches. Peer Coaches assist other teachers with implementing LWICT in their classrooms. Schools are working on a variety of projects including electronic portfolios, digital publications, presentation software, interactive whiteboards, and other ICT's to enhance the learning across the curriculum.

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