New Bus Note Procedure - Lakeshore School Division

New Bus Note Procedure


Dear Parents/Guardians


Effective today, September 7th, 2016, Lakeshore School Division has made a change to the procedures of issuing bus passes to our students.

If your child will be riding a bus that is different from their regular transportation arrangements, the parent or guardian must send a written and signed note to the school prior to 2:00 PM.

The note shall contain the following information:

  • Your child’s name 
  • The parent’s or guardian’s name and phone number at the new drop off location.
  • If known, the bus driver’s name for the alternate route.
  • Your signature

Emergency arrangements can be made by email to the school secretary as long as it is sent prior to 2:00 PM. The secretary will send a reply email to confirm the arrangements have been received. If you do not receive a confirmation email it will mean that the arrangements have NOT been made.

It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure there is a responsible parent or guardian available to receive care and custody of your child when the bus drops them off. If you are sending your child to an alternate location the same requirements apply.

There will be no drop-offs at locations that are not currently serviced by a bus route.

Schools will no longer accept phone calls for bus pass arrangements.

As always, we thank you for your support!

Mark Parkes
Director of Operations and Infrastructure