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Lundar students run school cafeteria while earning credits

Lundar students run school cafeteria while earning credits

Four Grade 9 Lundar School students are cooking daily lunches for more than 40 as part of a sustainability initiative at the school. Vice-principal and guidance councillor Lawrence Grzenda said that the initiative started during the previous school year but has really taken off this year. The four students — Morrigan Miller, Connor Bindle, Austin Hanslip and Ethan Spalding — have been creating the meal plans, shopping for groceries, cooking the food as well as collecting the money for staff and students.

The program runs during lunch hour and costs between $2 and $4 with staff paying 50 cents more per meal than students. Spalding explained that each week the organizers go through a price plan and work out what ingredients cost and how much they need to charge per meal to make a small profi t. All profi ts will go towards purchasing new cutlery and plates, which are cleaned and reused after every meal. The program needs to be self-sustaining and has been running smoothly since its inception. “I think all four of us have embraced the idea and have done it to the best of our abilities,” said Spalding. “Preparation of the meals take quite a while and we have to be looking closely at how much things cost. We want students do be able to afford the meals so we need to keep our costs low.” Meals in the past have included chicken caesar salad, honey garlic

~Express Weekly News, Thursday, January 26, 2017

By: Jef Ward