Lakeshore School Division focused on equipping learners - Lakeshore School Division

Lakeshore School Division focused on equipping learners

Lakeshore School Division focused on Equipping Learners

For the Lakeshore School Division, 2016 was a year to focus on making sure learners were well positioned to get the best out of their educational experience. 

Lakeshore Asst. Supt. Leanne Peters said one of the projects that made this possible for the division was the Lakeshore Educational Growth Opportunities program (LEGO).

“It is a program for high school students who have not graduated and who have essentially stopped going to school. It re-engages them with work placement, so that they get opportunities to work and gain skills that way.”

Lakeshore received $700,000 worth of federal funding to expand and continue the program over the next three years. Peters said the program has seen success over the last year.

“Students are certainly recognizing that there are opportunities for them and that they can learn skills and find ways to build their skills and do things they are interested in doing in workplace situations. So it’s been really exciting,” she said.

Peters added literacy and numeracy where two key areas of ongoing focus for the division, in accordance with the province’s mandate.

“One of the areas we focused on specifically last year was reading recovery, which was run for the Grade 1 students. We found lots of success with struggling readers, who are now not struggling,” she said. “This will now be good for them all they way through school.”

Lakeshore has linked up with the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium for a numeracy program for its math teachers.

“It has been very helpful and they (teachers) are starting to see early successes with it,” she said.

Peters said Lakeshore tries its best to see challenges as opportunities.

“For example, we are not sure what will happen in terms of budgeting for this upcoming school year. We are hoping that we will be in a really good position, so that whatever comes our way we will be prepared, so that for every challenge there will be a solution,” she said.

Peters also noted the division was well prepared for the new year and beyond.

“I think we are on a really good pathway, our teachers are really focused on teaching literacy and numeracy to all of our students. We will continue to work with them to make sure they have the teaching strategies that they need to help the kids be the most successful that they can be.”

By Juliet Kadzviti, Interlake Publishing