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The next scheduled Board Meeting will be on 2019-01-29.
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Board Priorities

The 2016-2019 Board Priorities are a product of the Lakeshore School Division Planning Cycle. It provides our staff with direction and our communities with information on the focus of the Board in terms of student learning and engagement as well as organizational development.

For more information see our brochure here.

Download a map of Lakeshore School Division Ward Boundaries


Board Chair; Ward 2 (Eriksdale and Area)
CUPE Negotiations; Lakeshore Recreation Commission Representative
Ward 3 (Ashern and area); Vice-Chair
Ownership Linkage; Fieldstone Ventures Representative
Trustee; Ward 6 (Inwood and Area)
LTA Negotiations (Alt)
Ward 5 (Fisher Branch and Area)
LTA Negotiations; Ownership Linkage; CUPE Negotiations
Trustee; Ward 4 (Moosehorn and Area)
LTA Negotiations
Ward 1 (Lundar and Area)
LTA Negotiations; CUPE Negotiations
Trustee; Ward 5 (Fisher Branch and Area)
Ownership Linkage